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About the MPA Program

Master of Public Administration Mission

The Master of Public Administration Program's mission is to cultivate practical, research-oriented students for careers as reflective practitioners guided by democratic values, integrity, and service.

Program Objectives

Students will be prepared for careers as managers and leaders in public service if they are able to meet the following objectives (student learning outcomes).

  1. Students can demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in writing.
  2. Students will demonstrate comprehension of public policy and program formation as well as the institutional and legal framework of public policy and management.
  3. Students can demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively orally.
  4. Students can demonstrate the ability to see patterns and classify information, concepts and theories in public policy and administration.
  5. Students can demonstrate the ability to use reasoned arguments to judge evidence in public policy and management.

How Are We Doing?

Graduation Rate

Most of our full time students complete the MPA degree within two to two and one half years. The table below reflects our graduation rates within the time frames indicated for all students. Note that part time students may take longer to complete the degree.

Initially Enrolled Students (2010)

Graduated in 2.5 Years

Graduated in 3.75 Years

Graduated in Five Years

48 13 22 34

Learning Outcomes

Our program is currently undergoing an extensive assessment process.  The success in meeting learning outcomes will be made available to NASPAA (our accrediting agency) who will make the results of this review available publically. We will provide the link to that report when it is available. Here are the learning outcomes from 2018-2019 cycle.