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MPA Advisory Council

The MPA Advisory Board was founded in 1988, and is composed of practitioners, students, and faculty members. The Advisory Board meets twice a year, in October and April. The main role of the advisory board is to help the MPA program in its various curricular and programmatic efforts and to make recommendations to improve various aspects of the program. The advisory board is diverse in terms of race and ethnicity and consists of practitioners from local, state, and nonprofit organizations. A list of current advisory board members is provided below.

Alumni Representatives

  • Rico Corporal
  • Paul Diaz
  • Indra Hernandez
  • James Mallinger
  • Angelique Meyers, Advisory Board President
  • Joseph Molis
  • Lane Raffery
  • Stephanie Reyes
  • Gabriel Sepulveda, Advisory Board Vice President
  • Jared Werner
  • Elaine Zavala, Advisory Board Secretary


  • Rebecca Davio
  • James Earp
  • Lucy Johnson
  • Susan Johnson

Student Representatives

  • Melissa Bell
  • Claudia Cormier
  • Juan Alvarado