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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements to be admitted to the MPA at Texas State University?

Submit the Apply Texas application and official copies of transcripts from each of the universities you attended to the graduate college.

The graduate college will average your GPA based on the last 60 credit hours of coursework completed towards your undergraduate degree. You must have completed your undergraduate degree.

The MPA program requires a 3.0 average in the last 60 credit hours of coursework, to have all transcripts at the graduate college and the GRE on file before the program can review your documents and submit a recommendation to the graduate college.  If your GPA is between 2.75 and 3.0 you may be considered for conditional admission.

Do I need letters of recommendation for admission?

Students who meet the admission criteria are not required to submit a personal statement or submit letters of recommendation.

Student wanting to be considered for conditional admission should submit a resume, three letters of recommendation and a personal statement.

Can I be admitted to the program and then take the GRE at a later time?

No. The GRE scores must be on file with all required documentation before the graduate college will tabulate the GPA and post the information for review by the program.

If I am denied admission, can I reapply?

You may reapply but are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the program director to learn what you can do to strengthen your GPA and chances of admission.

You may also submit a revised resume, personal statement and letters of recommendation.

What is the minimum GPA required for admission?

The GPA required by the MPA program is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Students between a 2.75 and 3.0 GPA may be considered for conditional admission.


Does the program accept a limited number of students per semester?

No. All students who meet the admission requirements are admitted to the program.

Can I begin the program in the Spring, Fall, or Summer semesters?

Yes.  Student applications are review year round. 

Can I be admitted conditionally if I don’t meet the requirements for regular admission?

Yes. All files of students who apply to the program are reviewed by the director of the program. If a student does not meet the GPA requirement for admission his/her file will be reviewed individually by the program director for conditional admission on a case-by-case basis.

How often do I need to meet with the program director?

Students are encouraged to meet with the program director in the first semester upon entering the program.

Student should meet with the director routinely while in the program to make sure they are on track with their degree.

Student should also meet with the program director anytime they have a concern or want to make a change to their degree plan.

Conditional Admission

What is a conditional admission?

Conditional admission is when a student who has applied to the program does not meet the specified program requirements needed for admission.

A student with a GPA just below the 3.0 but above the graduate college minimum last 60 hours GPA requirement of 2.75 may be eligible for admission under conditions specified by the program director.


How often do I need to meet with the program director?

Students are encouraged to meet with the program director in the first semester upon entering the program.

Student should meet with the director routinely while in the program to make sure they are on track with their degree.

Student should also meet with the program director anytime they have a concern or want to make a change to their degree plan.

How do program administrators communicate with students?

The MPA program homepage is the main source of information for the public, prospective, alumni and current students.

The program also maintains a TRACS site for current students and a student webpage.Important messages and deadlines as well as internships and job opportunities are posted on both the TRACS site and the student webpage.

The student webpage is an interactive page specifically for students in the program that allows them two-way communication with the program administrative assistant.


Is someone available on a daily basis to answer my questions?

The program director is available to meet with students at either the Round Rock Higher Education campus or the San Marcos campus by appointment.  The administrative assistant is also available at the San Marcos campus daily.


How do the program administrators contact students?

The program maintains contact with the students by email primarily. Students in the program are encourage to keep their contact information up to date with the administrative assistant and can do so by emailing any changes directly to her.

The program uses the TRACS site available through the university to email student on its program list and the student webpage.


Is there a deadline for submitting my GRE scores to the Graduate College?

Yes. All documentation, including the GRE must be in the graduate college 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester to which you are applying.

What is the minimum score required by the program?

The program prefers a minimum total score of 300.

Can the LSAT or GMAT be accepted in lieu of the GRE?

Yes. Scores should be submitted to the Graduate College.

A petition must be submitted to the graduate college by the program director in order to accept LSAT or GMAT scores.

Graduate Assistantships

Are graduate assistantships available?

Yes. The Political Science Department offers graduate assistantship opportunities during the fall and spring semesters.

How do I apply for an assistantship position?

You need to be accepted by the program unconditionally to be eligible for a position and have completed the graduate assistant application available by contacting the department office at 512-245-2143. The application can be emailed to you.



Are all students required to do an Internship?

Students are highly encouraged to complete an internship during their coursework. Students in the program who have experience working in the public sector may request a waiver.


Who decides where I do my internship?

Students must meet with the program director before they can enroll in the internship class to discuss concerns, requirements, and objectives.


Is a list of internship positions available?

Yes. Agencies often sent requests for interns to the program. Specific information is posted on the student’s webpage and the MPA TRACS sites.

Non-students and prospective students can view the internships by entering: in the browser search area and scrolling down the right side information menu to “Who We Are” and selecting “Internships.”


How can I get the internship waived?

By contacting the administrative assistant for specific details. The program currently requires job related information be submitted to the director for review.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Where can I find more information on financial aid and scholarships available to students?

The primary information is available on the financial aid office website.

The cost of attendance for graduate students can be found at:


Does the MPA program offer scholarships?

Yes. The MPA program offers up to eight scholarships per semester.  These scholarships cover up to $1,000 applied to tuition costs per semester.



What is the average class size in public administration courses?

The average class size is 20 to 25 students.


Are class available at other locations than the main campus in San Marcos?

Yes. Classes are held at the Round Rock Higher Education campus in Round Rock and at the main San Marcos campus.


Does the program offer an online program?

Currently the program offers some of its classes online and as face-to-face classes but the entire program is not available online.

Can I take classes at any of the locations where the classes are offered?

Yes. You are not restricted to taking courses at only one campus.


Are professors available to answer my questions at the other locations as well as the main San Marcos campus?

Yes. If you have questions about a class you are taking, professors are available before and after class and an appointment can be scheduled with the program director at both locations.



Do I have to take classes full time while enrolled in the program?

Many of the students in the program are working full time and take classes part time. Student may take class as either full time (9 credit hours= 3 classes) or part time (6 credit hours or less).

For financial aid purposed, students need to take at least 6 credit hours in order to receive financial aid. For more information contact the Financial Aid Office at the university.


Who to Contact

Who do I contact for more information?

For questions or more information about the program, contact the administrative assistant of the program at or by phone 512-245-7582.