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Course of Study

The Course of Study approved for the MPA degree must be completed within six years of the date of initial enrollment in the program. In certain cases a waiver of the time limit for degree completion may be granted. Students should submit their request for a waiver in writing to the director of the MPA Program.

MPA students are required to take the following 30 hours of core courses:

Core Courses - 30 Credit Hours

PA 5300 Introduction to Public Policy and Administration
PA 5310 Public Finance Administration
PA 5320 Organization Theory
PA 5330 Public Personnel Administration
PA 5340 Public Law
PA 5350 Public Policy Processes
PA 5370 Public Management and Ethics
PA 5390 Applied Research Methodology
PA 5397 Research Design & Proposal Development for Public Administration
PA 5398 Applied Research Project

** It is advised that PA 5300 be taken within the first six hours and PA 5390 within the first 12 hours. It is also advised that PA 5390, PA 5397 and PA 5398 be taken sequentially. 


Course Substitutions

Under certain unusual circumstances, students may be unable to take all the courses required by their degree outline or may have a specific career need that is not met by the required curriculum. In such cases, the MPA Graduate Director may recommend a substitution of courses. Any degree outline change request must be completed prior to the student's registering for a course that is not included in the degree outline. All recommended course substitutions must be requested in writing on the appropriate Graduate College form. The form must be signed by the Graduate Director and forwarded to the Dean of the Graduate College for approval. The Dean of Graduate College has the final authority to approve or disapprove course substitutions. Any course taken without an approved degree outline change request is taken at the student's own risk and may not count toward the degree.

In some cases up to nine hours of credits earned from other universities may be transferred to the MPA degree program. The process varies depending on whether the transfer occurs at the start of the degree program or while the program is in progress.


Prior Transfer Credit

The Director of the MPA Program has the responsibility of evaluating graduate courses taken at other universities to see if they can be applied toward the MPA degree and making a recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Studies. As a rule up to nine credit hours may be transferred to Texas State University MPA Program prior to admission. To be eligible for transfer, these courses must have been taken while enrolled and accepted in a graduate program at the institution from which transfer credit is desired. All transfers are subject to the final approval of the Dean of the Graduate College. Courses taken over six years prior to admission to the Graduate School normally cannot be transferred. To request transfer credit, a copy of the official transcript and a copy of the catalog course description must be provided to the Graduate Director.